Organic Coconut Water

Nutrition Facts




We use only 100% organic King Coconut water in Sri Lanka Gold, with no additives or preservatives. Our farmers in Sri Lanka handpick our premium coconuts at peak maturity to give you the King Coconut’s renowned crisp, clean flavor. We deliver Sri Lanka Gold from farm to market with minimal processing to retain the rich nutrients and taste of fresh-from-the-nut coconut water. It is never heat-treated. Delicious Sri Lanka Gold generously provides hydrating electrolytes and other antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Sri Lanka Gold Pure Premium King Coconut Water, Mother Nature’s answer to artificially-flavored sports drinks.


One Serving Contains

  • As much potassium as one and a half bananas
  • The same amount of magnesium as a serving of avocado
  • An amount of phosphorous equivalent to a half cup of beans
  • Two-thirds of a cup of milk’s worth of calcium
  • More than twice as much vitamin C compared to other coconut waters


You’ll find the golden-colored King Coconut growing native only on the island-nation of Sri Lanka, where family farmers cultivate and sell them in roadside stands across the country. Sri Lankans prefer the King Coconut, known locally as thembili, over the common young green coconut, which is widely grown across the tropics on large, commercial plantations for a range of industrial uses. Our farmers harvest the prized King Coconut almost exclusively for its hydrating properties, with its bi-products destined for organic farming and home use. The King Coconut supplies all the hydrating nutrients and twice as much vitamin C as its green cousin. The result: a more refined, crisp and refreshing flavor with a hint of nutty sweetness and no aftertaste—making it the finest coconut water in the world.

Why HPP?

We use the advanced food technology, high pressure processing (HPP), to ensure that Sri Lanka Gold is a safe product with the freshest taste possible and all the nutrients Mother Nature intended. Learn more

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