What is a King Coconut and
why did we select it?

King Coconut is a “red dwarf” coconut variety, native only to Sri Lanka, where it is grown by smallholder farmers and sold in roadside stands across the country.

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Go for the Gold

Sri Lanka Gold™ Coconut Water, all natural and free from additives, is made from 100% premium King Coconuts from the island-nation of Sri Lanka.

Never heated, using the latest in High Pressure Processing technology,
Sri Lanka Gold retains all the nutrients and flavor of fresh-from-the-nut coconut water, with no added flavor, sugar, or preservatives.

Sri Lanka Gold is sold in 10oz and 16oz recyclable PET bottles and stocked in the refrigerated section, with a 45-day shelf life.

Our Story

We are coconut water fanatics. Sri Lanka Gold was founded in 2015 after a long and winding road that took us on a decade-long journey to bring the perfect coconut water to market. We have both had the good fortune to travel the world as international development economists.

From Latin America, to tropical Africa, to the far reaches of Asia, we have sampled dozens of varieties of fresh coconut water, direct from the nut.

But we came back, again and again, to savor the delicate taste of the golden King Coconut, a native variety unique to Nihal’s homeland, Sri Lanka, where it is a roadside favorite.

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